Barbecue coconut briquettte charcoal

Grill Coconut shell charcoal briquette is friendly-environment product. Coconut shell charcoal is recommended to be safe charcoal, good for health.


Moisture: max 8.5%

Ash:Max 10.47%

Volatile matter: max 24.21%

Fixed Carbon: min 70.32%

Calorific: min 7,000kcal/kg

Burning time: 3- 3.5 hours

Dimension of Grill Coconut shell charcoal

Shape: Cylinder/ Hexagon/ Pillow            

Diameter: 4.5cm            

Length: 4.5cm, 8cm, 10cm, 13cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm ….            

Usage: BBQ, 

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